Hey, I’m Jakob Polaco, here to show you how to eat well on two wheels around the world. After cooking in 6 countries at some of the best restaurants on earth, riding motorcycles through mountainous Western Thailand and riding horses  through Chilean Vineyards, I’m just getting started! If you have a stomach for adventure, let’s roll! 


Hokkien Prawn Noodles

  Here it is! The much anticipated (at least on my end) solution to the Hokkien noodle issue I’ve found myself it. A few months ago, I fell in love with prawn noodle soup in Phuket. I’ve had it in Penang and Singapore, but this one at Ko Yoon Noodles took the cake for me. …

Sate Ayam

I love meat in stick form! Give me a fire and a stool and just leave me be please… Shoes off preferably. I think outdoor one off cookfests are the single most therapeutic experiences one can allot themselves.  it was during one of these meat meditations that I started thinking back to my first night …


I’m Jakob, the spice vagrant. I’m a cook, writer, and explorer. In 2016 I opened Aep, a Thai restaurant in Kansas City, after many years obsession with Thai food. I made the difficult decision to close the doors though so I could focus more on traveling and writing throughout the regions I adore. I have roots in a small family-owned Thai restaurant as a kid but have also worked at some of the great fine dining institutions throughout the world. So far I’ve cooked in 6 countries, many of them Michelin starred and James Beard award winning kitchens. I am always searching to stay inspired. Catch me on my Triumph motorcycle at home and riding other bikes abroad . Paradise is best seen at high speeds!